Snow is snowing all around me..

Hey guys!
I'm sorry for my loooong absence, but I had a lot of homework!
And I'm addicted to chatroulette haha.. So you can meet me there more often then here. I met a boy. He's older than me, but I don't care. I chatted with him 5 times on cr! Lucky me :] .
Actually I don't know what can I tell you.. I'm still sick and it makes me angry..
I wanna record a song and add here, but my voice is terrible!
I love Macklemore <3 !
Forgive. I will add more interesting note another time.

BTW - Winter is amazing !


The years start comming, and they don't stop comming..

    Hey guys!
   Thank you for all those nice comments under my last post :). It's very pleasent to read, that you like it.
I wanna spring sooo much! I want to go out with my friends without my jacket and go roller skating or running, climbing whatever, not just sit at home idly. Thanks God for chatroulette!
   Actually I'm sick and I can't go outside anyway ;/ . That's awful.. The only good thing is that I don't have to go to school. Ha ha!
   The years start comming, and they don't stop comming..
Yeah. Last week I had my birthday. It's very nice to have them in the same day as Justin Bieber.. XD
Party hard. Pyjama Party to 5 a.m. We were watching Paranormal Activity 4. It was boooring! PA 3 was more scaring. And the end of 4 was hopeless! They made something like Resident Evil!
  The cake was yummy. I ate a lot of sweets and now (since last Monday) I'm on a diet. I'm not eating sweets, fat and salt dishes and I'm practicing a6w (Aerobic 6 of Weider trening). I feel glad. So keep your fingers crossed, maybe I persevered to the end! :)
   I'm adding photos from Birthday Party.



Salut ♥ !

  So this is my first post on this side. And right now I'm starting the adventure with blogging :D. Woohoo!
I'm very excited because I always wanted to have my own blog. I've never written  before, so please don't hit me, if I make a mistake. I'm not good in English. Actually, I think that I can't write as well as you can, but I promise- I will be trying to get my language better and better :). So, please write in comments what should I improve in my style of writing.

  I'm sure that you don't know anything about me. Maybe except that I'm bad in writing.. Anyway.
My name is Fiona and I'm a teenager. I like flowers, good music and cooookies! My hobby is photography, drawing and sometimes dancing. I love music. The kind doesn't matter to me. I just like beautiful songs. And it's not a problem to me that in my MP3 I can find AC/DC, Bob Marley, Lady Gaga, Eminem or Skirllex. Contrary, I like it. I'm very ambivalent person. You can't be bored with me :) .
And that's enough. I don't want to tell you too much informations about me. The rest could be a suprise ;).
  I want to show you a piece of this little world where I live. But it depends on you, do you want to see..